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About Superor Driveways Dublin

We specialize in turning your unused garden areas into beautiful, enjoyable living spaces for you and your family. Whether it’s a simple garden tidy-up or a complete overhaul, we’re committed to providing the perfect paving or patio solution that fits your budget.

About Our Driveway Paving

Our journey with you begins from the first contact and continues through every step until your garden becomes a vision of beauty. We pride ourselves on professional, reliable service, ensuring open communication throughout the project to realize the garden you’ve always dreamed of.

Commitment to Quality

We only use top-quality materials from renowned suppliers like Kilsaran, Roadstone, Double LL Concrete, and Naas Patio Centre. Our blend of high-grade materials, meticulous preparation, and superior craftsmanship minimizes maintenance needs and ensures lasting beauty.

Experience the transformation of your driveway or garden in just a few days, creating a perfect space for those summer evenings.

Our Paving Process

Our paving process involves several crucial stages


We begin by assessing the existing area, focusing on drainage, water issues, and ground levels.


Based on the inspection, we determine the digging depth and slope required. We then install necessary drainage and lay a sub-base layer of 804 hard core, compacting it with a plate compactor.

Laying the Paving

A bedding layer of sand mix is added, supporting and holding the paving in place. The paving is then laid in a chosen pattern, with all bricks or slabs neatly cut to ensure uniformity.

Finishing Touches

We conduct thorough inspections to prevent any movement and re-check levels to avoid water pooling. Finally, we complete the project by joining the gaps with sand or cement, depending on the materials used.